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On this page, you will find various studies I have done. It is my prayer that you will be blessed in reading and studying them along with the Scriptures.

The articles have been edited and updated.

Omer Count Calendar for 2015 CE

A calendar for keeping track of the Omer count for 2012 CE.

Is Yəhusha Really The Aleph and The Tav?

An article I wrote in response to a teaching saying that Yəhosha is the bodily manifestation of Yəhowah using Rev. 1:8.

YHWH in the Westminster Leningrad Codex

All the references of YHWH in the Westminster Leningrad Codex according to theWord Bible software program. I show the various spellings from the Masoretic text. Pages 76 and 77 were posted on my Facebook Notes page.

16 Reasons Why Yəhusha is not Yəhwah

An article I wrote to give 16 reasons why Yəhusha is not Yəhwah.

Is Yəhusha Known As Yəhwah of the Tanak

An article I wrote to give more reasons why Yəhusha is not Yəhwah. Includes a look at Isaiah 53.

Two Great Rabbis Teach on Genesis/Bereisheeth 1

Commentary on Genesis 1 by Rashbam and Abraham Ibn Ezra

When Does A Day Begin?

An article I wrote that shows when a day truly begins according to the Scriptures. Contains links to outside sites.  Disclaimer: the writings and opinions found on outside links do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Beit Lechem and its teachers.

What is a Biblical Day?

A more in depth study I did on when a Biblical day begins and just what a biblical day is.

What is the Number of the Beast?

A short study I did on the gematria of the "Number of the Beast" as given in Revelation 13:18.

Lunar Calendar for April 2010-April 2011

This contains a printout of an Excel Spreadsheet I made based on a Lunar Calendar I found online. Notes on the chart coming.

Aviv 1-Shavuoth 5772 Calendar

A PDF showing the correlation between the Gregorian and Biblical Calendars from Aviv 1 to Shavuoth. Hebrew year 5772. Gregorian year 2012.

What does Lev. 19:27 and Lev. 21:5 say?

A Table I created showing the meanings and translations of the Hebrew words in Lev 19:27 and Lev. 21:5. These verses are in regards to making bald spots on our heads, shaving of the man's beard, and making cuttings in our flesh.

What does Exodus/Shemot 12:26-28 say?

A Translation I did from the Hebrew of Exodus/Shemot 12:26-28. This was in response to a new acquaintance's statement that much of this passage was untranslated from the Hebrew.

Hebrew to English Transliteration Key

A chart I created to show the standard transliteration characters for Hebrew to English transliteration.

Theion and Godhead

A document that shows the use of theion in the Greek Bible; comparing the Hebrew text and the Greek LXX text of the passages.

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